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Deutsche Bank release strong Spanish economy report

The Deutsche Bank have issued a report on the Spanish economy entitled Spain 2020, the success story continues. The report details the four main areas which have contributed to Spains continuing economic growth. The surge in Labour input, the increase in the country's graduate and skilled population, a greater degree of openness due to participation in the EU and International trade and lastly the strenghtening of innovation within the economy from continued government support.

The report, which is freely available at, documents how the Spanish economy has benefitted from higher growth than Germany, Italy , France and Portugal since the beginning of the decade and looks set to continue. The Spanish economy is now the ninth largest in the world and the average consumption or spending power of spanish nationals has risen accordingly, at over 4% annually. Interestingly too, the country has changed from an emmigration country to an immigration one; over 2 million people have come to Spain since 2002.

Other significant information includes the fact the Spanish government has itself invested greatly in the country's infrastructure including high speed rail links etc. unlike other European economies where investment activity has decreased. As regards the property sector, the exceptional growth has been due to the factors mentioned above and other important features such as the low mortgage rate. Although the growth can not be expected to continue, the report suggests that the slow down is no different to the property sectors in the other European economies. The report argues that a major adjustment is neither likely nor necessary due to strong fundamentals.


Who’s been buying in Spain?.....And are the British still the number one buyers?

If you’ve been following the Spanish property market a little, wondering if the time is right to get into the market, you’ll have started to notice articles referring to early signs of recovery particularly on the Costas and Islands.03/11/2014

The long awaited…………Upturn in the Spanish Property Market.

The number of houses sold is up. The number of mortgages granted is up. The number of foreign buyers is up. The number of new construction projects is up and yes, in some key areas, the prices are starting to go up too.
After a seven year slide...06/09/2014

Spanish Government measures for the property market.

The newly elected Partido Popular (Conservative) party has introduced a raft of measures relating to the under-performing property market. These measures are directed both at stimulating certain sectors of the market and generating extra tax revenue.08/01/2012

Spanish Government reduces VAT on New Property Purchases by 50%.

In an unexpected move on Friday of last week, the Spanish government decided to slash VAT on the purchase of new property from 8% to 4%. Applicable immediately, this discounted tax measure will last until the end of the year -31st December 2011.24/08/2011

Spanish Property prices continue to bounce along the bottom.

Many commentators have been looking to call the bottom of the market after the turbulence of the last 3 years and it would now appear that we are there or thereabouts.....21/11/2010

Monthly mortgage payments set to drop by largest amount in five years.

The Euribor, which is linked to the Central European Bank's base lending rate, is set to close the month of December at 3.47%.28/12/2008

Euribor at lowest level for eight months.

Against the trend of bad news in the financial markets, the Euribor fell again to 4.381% (22.01.08). This is well below the rate at the end of 2007 where the rate had spiked to 4.79%.28/01/2008

Spanish property prices end the year lower than they started.

Despite starting the year well with property prices rising in all Spanish regions,2007 has ended in December with prices 0.28% below where they started in January. According to, the region of La Rioja has been the worst affected, dropping 11.08% to 2159€/m2 , Madrid and Barcelona haven't avoided the falls dropping 2.38% to 3479€/m2 and 3.05% to 3777€/m2 respectively. 05/01/2008

Euribor falls again for second month in succession.

The Euribor, the Central European Bank's base lending rate, is set to close the month of November at 4.60%.02/12/2007

Deutsche Bank release strong Spanish economy report

The Deutsche Bank have issued a report on the Spanish economy entitled Spain 2020, the success story continues.22/11/2007

Price of resale property falls in several Spanish regions

Resale property prices have fallen for the third consecutive month in thirteen Spanish regions including the province of Malaga.22/11/2007

Domincan Republic. JUST RELEASED. 30.10.07

Fantastic new property investment just released in the Dominican Republic. This product, previously only available to the Spanish investment market is now available through Garratt Homes.22/11/2007

Adosados de Lujo en Marbella Precio Rebajado en 100,000€. Sólo hasta el 30.11.07.

Situadas en la privilegiada Marbella, en la zona de Cabopino, esta viviendas residenciales de alta calidad y orientadas al sur, gozan de unas fantásticas vistas al mar. Los amantes del golf pueden también elegirlas con vistas a Cabopino Golf (Par 71). Los precios standard oscilan entre los 415,000€ y los 515,000€. Estas maravillosas viviendas de lujo pueden comprarse a un precio increíble que va desde los 350,000€ a los 415,000€.22/11/2007

Spanish Mortgage rate set to fall

The Euribor, the Central European Bank's base lending rate, is set to close the month of October at 4.65%.30/10/2007